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Kasabalanca Group

With a loan of EUR 24,700 the 20 members of the Kasabalanca Group will be able to buy more land and grow more sugar cane.

  • Local partner investment
  • 5 new jobs
  • 25 people reached



6 months



Annualized interest
Fully funded in 1 day on 18 October 2019.

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Jobs created
Solar systems installed
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  • 100% of the investors would recommend Lendahand
  • Average of 957 customer experiences
I just received my first repayment and reinvested my wallet balance into a new project. Easy, fast and no hassle! Keep up the great work, Lendahand! - Erna
Quick responses, great service. Even for the very small investor like me!- Anonymous
When I created an account, the website went to a blank page after every time I clicked "next". Not a great first impression. I managed to open an account any...- Wiesje vand en heerik
Overall positive. Projects and partners seem to be well selected. The selection / due diligence, however, is not transparent. Lendahand could improve on pr...- Anonymous
Very positive. Great initiative. Proud to be partnering with you soon on PlusPlus (I am working for Solidaridad). Some minor glitches in the process. Some...- Ronald Visser
So far so good- Anonymous
I like the kind of projects in you can invsest, always supporting small communitites. I feel that my money is helping some people.- Anonymous
I feel that these are amazing projects. Looking forward to the future.- Oscar
Efficient and easy going - Anonymous
Great experience- Carola Bieniek
Very reliable platform.- Anonymous
I agreed to investe a small amount in two projects. One is fully funded.- Cedric
It's good and intuitive. The only two exceptions to that are that the e-wallet overview doesn't include projects that I invested in but haven't started yet a...- Linus Grob
The website is very clear and easy to use. So far payments are on time, but i only started investing here 10 months ago - Rogier
fine and clearly working with Lendahand - Harm Jeurink
Lost 12000 euro’s in a lendahand project. But still think combining investments with a social goal is the way to go. Let’s hope they Will do better in the fu...- Piza68
Easy to use. I like the direct connection with producers that LendAHand provides- Harry
BAD. I wrote a review last week and stated that LENDAHAND lost a Wallet payment of €31.50, which should have gone to my bank account, when they changed to LE...- Kenneth Oram
Poor. The Wallet and transfer system failed when they transferred from Lemonway France to Lemonway Holland. I have lost €31.50 as a result. The printout I re...- Kenneth Oram
Great project in general - it gives one a meaningful way to help developing world. It is not a gift, it is a way to help them grow with cheap money. Regardin...- Martin
none, It is my first investment, therefore only the minimum amount- Anonymous
General good experience. Good information at webpage and e-mails with new projects. To few projects in general, and special for solar/renewable energy pro...- Marius Gjerset
Compared to the UK (lendahand Ethex) site I have previously used, it was difficult to register. Specifically I had a problem that my passport scan was of ...- Anonymous
Very good experience with Lendahand. Main recommendations would be to improve reporting to better analyse diversification of investments and or risk. ...- Patrick Goodman
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