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Co-investing together with experienced fund managers in Zimbabwe!

Written by Tobias Grinwis on 14 September 2017

Soon Lendahand will offer projects where you can invest alongside institutional investors via a fund managed by our new partner from Zimbabwe, Vakayi Capital Partners. For their first project, Homelux, 33% of the funding needed will be crowdfunded via Lendahand. The remainder will be financed by Vakayi Capital Partners itself and Capria, a US-based institutional investor.

Why is this awesome? Because it’s managed by Zimbabweans, locally based in the country’s capital city Harare, that know the entrepreneurs well. Local for local, the only thing missing is that Zimbabweans themselves invest in their fellow countrymen/women’s projects. One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, that might be possible, obviously via Lendahand.

For now, it’s up to our crowd to help these entrepreneurs grow their business. Project will be on the website soon!

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