6 questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog or joining our crowdfunding platform

Welcoming a rescue dog into your life actually has a lot in common with crowdfunding a better world. In both scenarios, it’s best to contemplate before committing to such an investment. Of course, it’s easy to get over-excited because of all available furry friends and exciting projects. Make sure to ask yourself these six questions before picking one. But first, let's watch a video about the similarities between adopting a rescue dog and making impact investments.

(Click here or on the image above to watch our video about rescue dogs on YouTube)

1. Are you financially capable? 

You probably know you shouldn’t spend money that you don’t have. Not on a Swiss mountain dog desperately looking for its forever home. Neither on ethical lifestyle brand SOKO, one of our most recent crowdfunding projects. It’s like they say on airplanes, "take care of yourself first before helping others". Doggos included. Here’s to being financially independent!

2. Have you done your research?

Adopting a dog isn’t a walk in the park (although your new friend would certainly appreciate one). The same goes for crowdfunding projects. Both investments come with risks. So dig in (no pun intended) and do your research. Learn about direct investments versus local partners and do your research on the companies you’re interested in.. Choose your projects carefully and don’t spend your entire budget on one horse, or dog.

3. Which breed suits you the best?

Do you enjoy outdoor pursuits such as biking and swimming? Then you’ll have much more success with adopting a dog with a similar attitude. The same goes for finding your crowdfunding match. If you’re into adventure, you’ll most likely be interested in direct investments with higher risks and higher interest rates, located far away, with a mission that truly inspires you.

4. Do you have the time?

Adopting a dog means you commit to keeping the pal for its entire life. Although our crowdfunding projects often reach maturity within two years, it does require some of your time. You’ll receive repayments every six months plus interest. In the end, if your investment is successful you’ll have your investment back plus a nice bonus, which you can spend on another project (or your German shepherd). 

5. Is it okay with others?

Ask for consent! A lot of dogs end up in the shelter because the landlord doesn’t allow pets in the home. Just as heartbreaking is investing your savings into a solar business in Ghana when your partner thinks you two are putting every penny into your bathroom renovation project.

6. Are you ready to make impact?

Whether you’re heading to the local animal shelter or to our projects page, you’ll most certainly create social impact. All of our projects show how your investment will be used. Metrics such as ‘jobs created’ and ‘tonnes of CO2 mitigated’ give you an idea of the specific impact you can make fighting poverty, supporting local communities, and protecting the planet. Of course, fighting poverty and protecting the planet is way more fun with a companion. Hopefully, you’ll have a furry buddy by your side soon!

(If you’re interested in giving a deserving dog a second chance in The Netherlands, check out this website).

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