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Written by Lucas Weaver on 16 December 2021

As a part of a larger update to our website, we have updated the page where you view the specific details on individual projects. Here’s what you need to know:

New navigation

The first thing you’ll notice about the new page is the new navigation system. We’ve reorganized the page into “tabs” where you can more easily and quickly switch between different categories of information. We will detail each tab and what it contains down below. 



Pictured: the new financial information


New financial information

We have added a new section in the tab titled “Financial Information” that contains a set of financial metrics for each portfolio company we work with. The financial data is from the last twelve months, and most of these metrics will be updated on a quarterly basis, while some will be updated annually.

Most of this information can already be found in the downloadable “Information Document” on each project, but some metrics have been added, and some new calculations inserted, in the attempt of providing even more transparency for investors. 

You will have to be logged in to your Lendahand account to view this new tab, if not you will see a “locked” message. Simply log in and you will be able to access this and all other new tabs. 

Pictured: the News section


News section

We have added a new tab titled “News” that will show a collection of all Google News stories that come from a Google search for the name of each portfolio company. If there is insufficient information on a particular company, we will instead use a search query of the name of their particular sector or industry. 

This section may sometimes return news items that are not actually related to the specific portfolio company, given that the Google search just returns results matching keywords we have supplied and cannot determine if the results are actually about the company, but our hope is that this new tab will be a resource that provides you with relevant information that will further help you make up to date investment decisions. 


Pictured: the Impact section


Impact information

We have created new impact summaries for each portfolio company to give investors a better understanding of the social impact involved in the companies you invest in. Here you can also see which UN Sustainable Development Goals the company contributes to.

Our Impact Team is currently finalizing a new framework that will be used to more accurately analyze the impact made by our portfolio companies as they relate to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will include an accompanying “Impact Guide” on our “Impact” page once it is complete.


This tab contains a summary of the current project, containing much of the same information that you usually see in the first few paragraphs on the current project page. It will contain the “use of funds” for that particular project, as well as any important notes for investors need to be aware of. 

Pictured: Management information



This tab contains the same information that’s available in the “Management” paragraph on the current project summaries, as well as the management information that’s available on the individual pages for each company on our “Portfolio Companies” page. 


This tab includes the current FAQ section that is currently available near the bottom of every project page. Our investments team is currently working on a framework for providing qualitative information on the risk profiles for each individual company. Once this is ready, you will find it in the Risks section on each project.


This tab will contain the same documents that are currently available on the current project pages, including the Information Document, Note Terms, as well as the project’s Terms & Conditions. 


Feedback and Questions

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this new functionality or any of the changes involved in this new page, please don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing us at info@lendahand.com. 

Thank you as always for being a valued Lendahand investor.

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