Portfolio Companies

If you choose to invest via a local partner, you in fact provide a loan to this financial institution. They in their turn provide the loan to the entrepreneur you have selected. Which is why it is always good to read the information about the local partners carefully. Moreover, it can occur that local partners are not offering any projects for a long period of time due to various reasons. If you have any questions about a specific partner, please contact us.

BorrowerCountryPartner sinceportfolioPAR 90*% write-off
First Finance Cambodia12 August 2020€19,087,102.5616.49%0.95%
Phillip Bank Cambodia14 March 2020€404,969,567.521.64%0.05%
EFC UgandaUganda 1 April 2019€5,889,7891.60%4.10%
Spartan Impact FinanceSouth Africa 1 March 2019€3,241,677.7634.00%0.00%
MoringawayZambia 1 August 2018€1,025,3300.00%0.00%
LulalendSouth Africa 1 June 2018€7,962,575.1310.10%4.42%
Golomt BankMongolia30 October 2017€1,071,102,268.566.53%5.41%
Opportunity BankUganda 1 August 2017€22,681,6033.34%0.53%
Nusa MakmurIndonesia 1 July 2017€1,270,6490.00%0.13%
CrystalGeorgia 1 May 2017€84,029,199.694.76%2.32%
FinancialAccessKenya 1 February 2017€2,290,982.0515.50%0.90%
UmatiKenya 1 October 2016€329,4957.18%14.99%
MilaapIndia 1 September 2016€7,843,3920.00%0.00%
BNFKenya 1 May 2016€320,235.9011.66%0.00%
KreditCambodia 1 April 2016€269,553,997.320.81%0.17%
MAXIMACambodia 1 March 2016€13,577,6640.74%0.12%
Agora MicrofinanceZambia 1 October 2015€4,351,970.700.48%0.21%
Vision Fund MongoliaMongolia 1 July 2015€5,384,706.823.28%0.60%
ABii NationalGhana 1 December 2014€5,679,594.4565.00%0.00%
Eclof ColombiaColombia 1 November 2013€2,351,807.700.75%0.16%
NPFCPhilippines 1 March 2013€2,091,92219.90%14.20%

* PAR 90 (portfolio at risk): the part of the total investmentportfolio of which at least one payment is 90 days overdue.

With a direct investment the selected company itself is the counterparty in the investment. The returns are usually higher than those for a local partner investment, but the risks are usually higher as well. Please read the provided financial information for the company carefully. It can occur that company's are not offering any projects for a long period of time due to various reasons. If you have any questions about a specific partner, please contact us.

BorrowerCountryPartner sinceRevenueLiquidityEquity / total assets
Fortem HoldingsKenya 1 September 2020€5,763,923400.00%50.00%
YAKRwanda 1 June 2020€2,800,000361.00%65.00%
SokoKenya19 September 2019€1,639,6691123.00%86.00%
REDAVIA GmbHGhana 1 July 2019€1,150,00069.00%21.00%
candi solar AGIndia22 March 2019€300,000140.00%58.60%
ECS ZambiaZambia 3 January 2019€1,904,724.78484.00%31.00%
MDF West Africa Ghana 1 November 2018€382,951157.00%19.00%
VitaliteZambia17 August 2018€465,583790.00%38.00%
Sistema.bioMexico 3 May 2018€2,388,74528.11%0.68%
upOwaCameroon 1 May 2018€474,578176.00%81.98%
NewLight AfricaKenya17 February 2018€1,859,04085.40%-2.50%
SolarWorks! Mozambique24 October 2017€0813.00%59.10%
SunTransferKenya12 July 2017€99,100271.00%0.00%
AzuriKenya15 June 2017€0262.00%0.00%
SollatekKenya 7 April 2017€3,576,360200.65%55.00%
SolarNowUganda 8 February 2017€1,269,157107.00%12.00%
SimGasKenya29 November 2016€224,842249.00%10.20%
WEnergyPhilippines 1 August 2016€3,598,609.27153.00%76.00%