How It Works

1. Choose a project

As an investor, you can choose how and where your money is invested. You may choose based on: the impact your loan will have, the country in which the project/enrepreneur originates, loan maturity, interest return rate.

All investments made through Lendahand start at €50. From this amount on, you can determine how large or small your investment will be. Once you determine which project/entrepreneur you wish to support, you select the amount you wish to invest and submit your payment via iDeal (Netherlands only) or credit card. There are no costs associated with providing a loan and you will receive a confirmation e-mail for each amount invested.

2. Invest

Loans are distributed once the full amount of the request has been acquired. The money will then be wired to the local partner on the first day of the following month. At that point your investment will begin collecting interest. For each project in which you invest, you will receive the following information: terms of the loan, amount of interest to be received annually, (if applicaple) name of the local partner through whom the loan was made.

Regardless of which investment method you choose (through a local partner or a direct investment), you can be certain that Lendahand was diligent in our assessment of the parties involved. Their acceptance was based on both social and financial criteria. On a final note… If it is your intention to invest in more than one project or entrepreneur, it is advised to spread these investments among different local partners and countries.

3. Create impact

With any business, access to capital is a pre-requisite to growth and development. Getting a loan is often impossible or simply too expensive for small and medium sized businesses in the countries that Lendahand operates in. Your contribution to providing loans through our platform helps in this regard.

Investments allow entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and thus create jobs. This leads to an improvement in their socio-economic status and ultimately an improved standard of living for all concerned. With a better income families gain access to basic needs they might not have been able to before. This is our way to contribute towards eliminating poverty in developing countries, which is the driving force behind Lendahand as a whole. It is our hope that you’ll join us in this!

On behalf of Lendahand, our local partners and all we serve… “Thank You!”

4. Receive repayments

Loans are repaid in equal installments (including interest) every six months. Returns are based on the amount invested plus the established interest rate.

Investors may then choose to re-invest in other entrepreneurs/projects, or have the money deposited into their bank account at no extra cost.

Note: We recommend that you only invest in crowdfunding responsibly. The Dutch financial regulatory body (AFM) advises to invest no more than 10% of investable assets and to never invest with borrowed money.

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