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Elinons Rag?s Making

  • NPFC
  • Local partner investment
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  • With a loan of EUR 2,000 Imelda can help more housewives by lending them sewing machines.

    6 months
    6 months
    Maturity6 months
    Repayments6 months
      Fully funded in 17 hours on 28 September 2015.
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      The municipality of Taytay in the province of Rizal, Philippines is known as the ‘Woodworks and Garments Capital of the Philippines’. Most of the residence here, especially women are engaged in sewing of clothes and rags, that some people from different municipality and province visits the town because of the quality ready-made and low-cost clothings. Imelda Elinon a residence of Taytay, Rizal is also engaged in rag making. She and her husband established “Elinons Rag’s Making” in 1987, named next to their family name. It is now operating for 28 years.

      Though she was not able to finish her studies, Imelda proved that dreams can be real to a persevering person. She aims to help the out-of-school youth and housewives from her neighborhood. To date, she employs six regular workers that receives a piece rate salary, given on a weekly basis. Aside from the regular workers, she has housewives sub-contractor whom she lends sewing machines that allows them to do the work of sewing rags for at their own houses.

      Because of the good service that she continuously provides to her buyers, Imelda was able to serve different clients. She has clients that purchase bulk order of rags that she delivers on a monthly basis.

      With the additional working capital loan that Imelda acquired from NPFC and Lendahand, she can help the community and generate additional employment, especially housewives.

      Company nameElinons Rag?s Making
      CEOImelda Elinon
      LocationTaytay, Rizal
      SectorManufacturing / Production


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      • With this investment 1 job is created
      • With this investment 4 people are reached

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