Working at Lendahand

About Lendahand

We are a fast-growing and award-winning online impact investment platform. Our office is located right in the center of Rotterdam, the liveliest city in the Netherlands.

Our web app allows investors to fund awesome companies and projects in emerging markets, thereby alleviating poverty. Through our platform, people can provide funding to non-bank financial institutions and fin-techs in +- 20 emerging countries such as Uganda, Mozambique, Georgia, and Colombia or renewable energy companies, mostly active in Sub Sahara Africa.

Lendahand has found market fit and is in the scale up phase. Three years ago, we raised €10,000 per month, at the moment that is well over €1,500,000 per month. We expect to continue this steep growth curve, which translates into €35 million in new investments in 2019!

Our team currently consists of some 16 people. They are a happy and diverse mix of ex-bankers, internationals, coffee drinkers, marketeers, engineers and avocado eaters. All of them capable, eager and loving their work. Currently, we are looking for:

We do not work with recruitment agencies; acquisition based on these vacancies is not appreciated.

Ruby Developer

distance_of_time_in_words_to_now("June 2017") ago we brought the development of our platform in-house. Since then we made great leaps in modernizing and building our platform. We have plenty of ideas and opportunities for which we need you to help us realize them.

We have an up to date stack with high test coverage, a sharp focus on quality, CD, modern monitoring and logging tools.

The location of employment is Rotterdam, we are looking for someone either from the Netherlands or willing to relocate.

What we offer

  • Work in a small team, your voice and work matters
  • Cash salary: We'll be honest, it's not the highest in the market, but it's fine
  • Participation: you will get a very interesting package of options and/or shares. Every team member is owner of the company
  • Yearly educational budget to be allocated by you
  • Branch out into growth, finance, UX, design, containerization, crypto if that's where your interests lie
  • A fun and flexible environment where you keep on learning and growing.
  • Change the world, nothing less

What we are looking for

  • Understanding fundamentals of domain driven design
  • Strong knowledge of Ruby on and off Rails (or experience with another language and willing to learn)
  • Curious and like to keep up with current web technologies
  • You take pride in the code you deliver and ownership once it runs on production (which will be very fast after merging your PR)
  • The job will be backend heavy, but any front end experience and affinity is a plus
  • Experience with containers, docker, kubernetes, is a plus.