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Crowdfund proven companies in developing countries that use your money to hire employees and grow their businesses. Get your money back plus up to 6% interest, starting from just €50.


With a first loan of EUR 34,000 Gankhuyag will be able to purchase a new truck for his truck rental business in Arvaikheer.

  • Local partner investment
  • 2 new jobs
  • 10 people reached



48 months



Annualized interest
Fully funded in 30 days on 19 May 2019.

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Know where your money goes

Our experienced team selects proven companies and local partners that need funding to grow their businesses. We then put these on the site as “projects” for you to crowdfund.

New projects are available every week

Choose how your money is used

You choose which projects you want to crowdfund based on what’s most important to you, such as job creation or environmental impact.

Make a difference in developing countries

See the impact you make

Help improve local communities by creating jobs, improving their access to basic needs, and building a sustainable financial system that benefits everyone.

An account that keeps growing

Receive repayments in your account every six months and never pay a monthly fee, ever.

Curious about how much you have to gain from crowdfunding with Lendahand? Below you can use our helpful investment planner tool to get an idea of the power of using compound interest to grow your money over time. Read about the risks and default rates associated with investing via crowdfunding before committing to a project.

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Lendahand combines a good sense of risks and returns with the same amount of idealism. The platform does as a 'social lender' innovative things and deserves the title Best Crowdfunding platform of 2018
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