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Lendahand Establishes Supervisory Board

Written by Peter Stolze on 9 February 2018

As of February 2018, Lendahand has begun the transition of the Advisory Board to a Supervisory Board. Lendahand founders, management team, shareholders and the Advisory Board have concluded that the establishment of a Supervisory Board is a logical step towards optimising Lendahand’s leadership structure. Accordingly, we intend to see the Supervisory Board operational by the end of 2018 at the latest. Overall, this decision lends itself to our vision of making Lendahand a global player in the field of meso-credit and solar finance.

Lendahand founder, Peter Heijen states, “It has always been the intention of Lendahand to establish a significant presence in the markets in which we operate. This (of course) would necessitate the establishment of a professional Management and Supervisory Board. A Supervisory Board will oversee the interests of all parties involved with our activities. As a matter of course, we are extremely grateful for the Advisory Board’s leadership in establishing the Supervisory Board. Establishing a foundation from the ground up often requires as many changes as the challenges it presents. Thanks to the critical and constructive guidance of the Advisory Board over the past 4 years, Lendahand was able to refine its business model well beyond expectations.”

Lendahand is currently active in 13 countries in South America, Africa and Asia. We are proud to report that through our platform, we have provided more than EUR 25 million in credit to entrepreneurs in these parts of the world. It is and always will be our intention to help improve the socio-economic status of people in emerging countries around the world. Since 2017 Lendahand has been active in both the Netherlands and the U.K. through collaboration with Ethex Ltd.

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