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COVID-19 affects everyone - what can we do today?

What affects one person anywhere, affects everyone everywhere. Coronavirus has shown that what we need is more collective action. We need a common response, involving each and everyone. As human beings we need to realize that we’re all in this together and that we are inevitably part of a species. If we fall back into nationalism, we are giving away the chance to really promote change. What can we do today?

We need to stop expanding our habitat

As medical historian Frank Snowden points out in an interview with Der Spiegel: “From avian flu to SARS, to Ebola to the coronavirus, all these diseases emerged from zoonotic spillover. We have contact with animals to a degree and extent that never happened before in human history. Have we not had enough examples? How many times do we have to suffer before we say: Oh, there is a pattern here? That we have to stop expanding our habitat more and more?”

The foundation of modern public health

The history of epidemic diseases is not all doom and despair. Although there have been catastrophes during times of pandemics, it’s fair to say that the history of pandemic has left enormous positive impact. During the centuries of bubonic plague, modern public health (wash your hands!) has been developed. And it’s still saving our lives today.

Fair and transparent financial support

At Lendahand we’re making sure that our projects enable people to improve their access to basic needs, such as clean water and sanitation. Our platform provides fair and transparent financial support to entrepreneurs in emerging countries. Each and every project is carefully selected. We only collaborate with sustainable initiatives that honor our habitat. 

Join us

By combining social impact with financial returns, we believe we can realize sustainable change in emerging countries. Mind you, if you invest in our projects, you’re not putting this pandemic to an end. But you are supporting others, who are affected too, to build a healthy business and improve their livelihood. One crowdfunding campaign at a time.

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