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Strengthen several entrepreneurs with a single investment

Written by Lynn Hamerlinck on 23 September 2020

Over the past few years, the Lendahand portfolio has diversified significantly. You can directly fund entrepreneurs from several different industries, such as agriculture or solar energy. Additionally, you can also visit our platform for perhaps the best-known form of financing in emerging markets: microfinance institutions (MFIs).


Transfer news: Lendahand founder Peter Heijen goes to PlusPlus

After almost 10 years I have decided to step down from the Lendahand Board. Thanks to my wife Esther, I had the opportunity to follow my heart and become a social entrepreneur. Thanks, Pipi Longstocking :), for that advice. Without much relevant knowledge or experience, I began on my journey to make an impact in the world, especially those who really need it.


New Partner: First Finance Cambodia

Written by Lily Zhou on 21 August 2020

The housing market is volatile and sensitive, no matter the country. While this fragility makes buying or selling property complicated enough already, this process is even more difficult for people in developing countries like Cambodia. Most Cambodian households don’t have access to formal housing finance, and commercial banks that do provide home loans generally only offer them to wealthier Cambodians. Luckily, there are some organizations that function as a safety net for these underserved families. A fine example of one of those organizations is our newest partner First Finance Cambodia.


Foreign aid? There’s another way to stimulate economic growth worldwide

Providing emerging markets, especially in Sub-Saharan countries, with social, economic and humanitarian aid has been a top priority for the West since the ‘60s. The idea has always remained the same; donating large amounts of money will close the savings gap. However, research has shown that foreign aid doesn’t necessarily make for a better world. It can actually do more harm than good. How is Lendahand any different?


Let's get cooking: ensuring clean energy for all

Here are some astonishing numbers. Approximately three billion people lack access to clean cooking solutions. They are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution. On top of that, 840 million people live without electricity, of which 50% live in Sub-Saharan Africa. The United Nations wants to ensure access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all. We’re proud to introduce you to three of our partners who do just that.


COVID-19 affects everyone - what can we do today?

What affects one person anywhere, affects everyone everywhere. Coronavirus has shown that what we need is more collective action. We need a common response, involving each and everyone. As human beings we need to realize that we’re all in this together and that we are inevitably part of a species. If we fall back into nationalism, as is currently taking place, we are giving away the chance to really promote change. What can we do today?


Lendahand is crowdfunding ourselves!

Written by Koen The on 24 April 2020

As you probably already know, Lendahand’s mission is to fight poverty in emerging markets all over the world by investing in people and businesses. The way we’ve chosen to do that is with crowdfunding, and since our founding in 2013, our crowd of investors have empowered our partner companies to create over 7.000 jobs, install nearly 60.000 solar systems, and reduce CO2 emissions by around 300.000 tonnes. With that said, we still have ambitious goals for Lendahand that will take our impact to even higher levels. Therefore, we have decided to enter into a new fundraising round by crowdfunding ourselves on the UK platform Seedrs on May 6th.


Why zero hunger is key for building a better world.

According to the United Nations “public investment in agriculture globally is declining. Small-scale food producers and family farmers require much greater support.” What the UN cannot stress enough is that “Investment in the agriculture sector is critical for reducing hunger and poverty, improving food security, creating employment and building resilience to disasters and shocks.” Food for thought, right?


Invest in economic growth and decent working conditions

It’s our mission to fight poverty by investing in people and businesses. The facts are harsh. 731 million people live in extreme poverty. They survive on less than €1,90 a day. To eradicate poverty, we need to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. Here’s how you can contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #8.


Ensuring healthy lives in times of COVID-19

As we are all tragically aware, a health emergency such as COVID-19 can cause bankruptcy in both developed and developing countries. However, in the Netherlands we are fortunate enough to rely on a social safety net. Also, we are able to physically distance ourselves from one another and work from home. In developing countries, there isn’t space to socially distance yourself. What can we do to ensure healthy lives for all?


Lendahand's Response to COVID-19

Written by Koen The on 3 April 2020

Although Lendahand has not yet experienced any direct effects from the COVID-19 virus (as of 2 April 2020), we nevertheless decided to implement a number of measures to help mitigate future consequences.


Quarantine? You can still empower your community

Despite the sunny weather we’ve all been spending most of our time indoors. By ourselves, maybe a partner or a roommate and hopefully a stocked refrigerator, these can be lonely times. Social distancing is challenging, but could also be rewarding. Would you believe us if we tell you your self quarantine can actually empower communities?


Make an impact in your pajamas

Good news: there’s no need for you to go outside to make an impact. There are tons of things you can do from the comfort of your home. So put on your pajamas, pour yourself a beverage of choice and raise your glass. Here’s to solidarity!


Is jewelry worth the investment? Spoiler: yes

Your precious ring depreciates dramatically the minute you walk out of the shop. Jewelry, amongst cars and phones, are goods that drop most in value. Diamond rings especially can collapse in price from $1000 to $50. Even when you have a certificate that verifies the diamond’s authenticity, diamond rings are only worth investing in when you buy them at the right price. It’s most likely that the price you pay is a false price, as high street jewelers usually have profit margins of 300%, excluding VAT.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Written by Koen The on 16 March 2020

Hello everyone, I just wanted to send you a brief note on the status of us here at Lendahand as it relates to the Coronavirus. As I am sure you are aware, the Coronavirus pandemic has escalated rapidly...


Introducing Symbiotics: Lendahand’s newest co-financing partner

Written by Thomas Plaatsman on 6 February 2020

We’re excited to announce our newest partner: Symbiotics. With over 425 institutions financed in 83 countries across the globe, Symbiotics is a leader in the world of impact investing. By partnering with us, Symbiotics hopes to add an innovative source of funding to its portfolio of institutional investors. We’re their first crowdfunding platform, allowing retail investors to directly select the companies they wish to invest in. Find out why we're joining forces. 

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