SimGas is a triple bottom line company that designs, produces and installs biogas systems for smallholder farmers in East-Africa. SimGas has facilities in Kenya (est. 2013, 60 employees), Tanzania (est. 2011, 20 employees) and The Netherlands (est. 2009, 12 employees). The biogas systems enable rural households with livestock to use the manure from their livestock to generate clean fuel for cooking and organic fertiliser: two valuable assets to increase income whilst saving life, nature, money and time. The high quality, modular, domestic biogas systems can be installed in 2 days. To date, SimGas has provided 1,500 farmers with their biogas systems.

Update february 2019: SimGas has gone into default and unfortunately all oustanding amounts have to be written off.

General information

BorrowerSimgas Kenya Ltd.
Head officeDen Haag
Founded 4 February 2013
Active on Lendahand since29 November 2016

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Financial information per 2018-02-21

Total assets€709,799
Revenue (per year)€224,842
Equity / total assets10.20%

About Kenya

Kenya has the highest income per capita and the largest economy of East Africa, making the country the financial center of the region. This is partly due to its convenient location at the coast, allowing the country to be the regional trade center. Kenyans are typically higher educated compared to people in neighboring countries. There is a free market and low import and export restrictions. All of these factors lead to Kenya being the main location for foreign companies to settle in after South Africa. Important sectors are agriculture, industry and services, including the financial sector. The increase in export of tea and flowers also contributes to an influx of foreign currency.

Most recently funded project

SimGas Kenya Ltd. 10

With a loan of EUR 100,000 SimGas will provide 148 farmers living in the Kenyan county of Muranga with a biogassystem.

  • Direct investment
  • 148 biogas digester systems installed
  • 10 new jobs
  • 740 people reached
  • 1184 tons of CO2 reduced



36 months



Annual interest



6 months

Repayment Interval
Fully funded in 2 days on 23 February 2018.