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Ol Barang

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  • With a loan of EUR 13,200 Barang is able to expand the stock of mini van parts to sell in the garage store.

    36 months
    6 months
    Maturity36 months
    Repayments6 months
      Fully funded in 9 days on 24 May 2016.
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      Mr. OL Barang is married and lives with this wife in Pailin province. He is a taxi driver from Pailin province to Phnom Penh city. He has been running this business for about 3 years to earn a living to support his family. His wife is a true entrepreneur, selling car spare part. She usually supply the min-van (15 seats) and a small truck spare part. The spare part is supply from provincial market and Phnom Penh market where most of wholesaler always go to fill their stock. 

      Mr. OL would like to request for a loan to increase a stock of car spare part in bulk so that for his wife.

      Company nameOl Barang
      CEOBarang Ol


      Phillip Bank is a microfinance institution in Cambodia that invests in people and their businesses via Micro-loans. By providing working capital to local entrepreneurs, they enable people in Cambodia to further expand their businesses and reach their potential for business growth and job creation.

      Micro-loans are an effective tool against poverty. Research has shown that communities with more viable small local businesses have more balanced economies and higher average prosperity levels. Their turnover mainly flows back to their communities, ensuring economic growth and stability. The capital provided by Phillip Bank works towards sustainably improving families' financial well-being in rural and urban communities.


      SDG’s impacted

      With this project you are contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

      SDG 1. No poverty

      SDG 8. Decent work and economic growth

      Read more about the impact you can make through our platform and the SDGs on our impact page.


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      • With this investment 1 job is created
      • With this investment 4 lives are improved

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