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VJA Souvenirs

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      Maridol (Dol) Juanich is a fifty three (53) year old mother of three (3) children and a graduate of BS Management. Dol and her husband worked in Cebu Manufacturing and Exporting Rattan Furniture to the US and Europe, where Dol was assigned as Marketing Assistant and her husband as Production Manager for ten (10) years. When the business encountered financial meltdown due to economic crisis in the US and other regions, the company owners decided to shutdown the business and paid their workers as mandated by law. With the separation pay from that company, the spouses immediately started a small time shell craft business. They went into sub-contracting with local exporters for years. They even went through rough times when some local exporters opted to close down their businesses. Trials and obstacles did not stop them but made them to further strive harder. Until one day a big opportunity came into light that one of the buyers of their former employer contacted Dol asking what business she can offer to him. VJA Accents and Souvenirs Enterprises started in 2005 and VJA stands for the first letter of her three (3) children’s names. Dol has twenty-three (23) employees consisting of Ten (10) males and thirteen (13) females which all receive above minimum wages, SSS, Philhealth, 13th month pay, and Christmas bonuses. Most of her employees are housewives which are all graduated from high school. She doles out donations and gave sacks of rice to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan). Dol only wants to deliver all the needs of her buyers and a housing project for her employees.

      Lendahand partners with NPFC is helping Maridol to finance her Purchase order.

      Company nameVJA Souvenirs
      CEOMaridol Juanich
      LocationCebu City
      SectorWholesale / Retail


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      • With this investment 4 jobs are created
      • With this investment 16 lives are improved

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