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Solar Home Systems 45

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  • With a loan of EUR 25,450 Fridah and 195 other villagers will be able to purchase 3 bulbs, 6 watts solar panel, a radio and a phone charger.

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    Maturity12 months
    Repayments6 months
      Fully funded in 4 hours on 25 April 2019.
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      Makueni County records one of the highest population growth rates in Kenya. Kaathi Village that is home to Fridah Wavinya Musyoki is dry most  of the better part of the year which contributes to high food insecurity and subsequent high levels of poverty.

      As a single parent, Fridah has battled it alone to fend for her family under such harsh geographical conditions. She is a small-scale farmer relying on the nearby seasonal streams for water. Whenever she harvests more, she sells to nearby community markets. She runs a petty grocery shop as well to supplement meagre income from farming.

      Depending on kerosene for home lighting strains her already meagre income yet she has to work late into the night in her shop to catch late shoppers.

      Affordable solar home lighting system comprising 3 bulbs, 6 watts solar panel, a radio and a phone charger all at 130 dollars is a great relief to Fridah.

      Company nameSolar Home Systems 45
      CEOFridah Musyoki
      SectorSustainable energy projects


      BnF focuses on sustainable energy projects in rural Kenya, offering households a 12-month payment plan to purchase a solar home system. The system enables clients to generate sufficient energy to power many basic necessities such as lights, radios, televisions, and other essential appliances. Solar home systems reduce reliance on polluting and health-threatening fuels such as kerosene, firewood, and coal for families' lighting and cooking needs. 

      Electricity opens new economic opportunities for families, enabling household incomes to grow progressively. It provides access to information and entertainment, allowing the children to spend time studying in the evenings and empowering women to engage more in household and local-level decision-making. It stands to reason that entire rural communities' livelihoods benefit from access to clean energy as their productivity, efficiency, and health prospers.


      SDG’s impacted

      With this project you are contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

      SDG 1. No poverty

      SDG 7. Affordable and clean energy

      SDG 13. Climate action

      Read more about the impact you can make through our platform and the SDGs on our impact page.


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      • With this investment 5 jobs are created
      • With this investment 1000 people are reached
      • With this investment 195 solar home systems are installed
      • With this investment 61 tons of CO2 are reduced

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