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  • With a loan of 148,900 euros, Entrepreneur Financial Center can provide growth capital to 8 companies in Uganda, mostly active in the transport sector.

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      Sarah Nampiima has a logistics and supplies business which has been operational for the last 11 years. Sarah has contracts with majorly schools where she supplies food stuffs. She employs 6 people and turns over Ugx 817 million per annum. She has approached EFC seeking for a Ugx 83 million loan to be able to increase her working capital requirements.

      Daniel Otule has been in business for the last 9 years operating a betting business with now 12 outlets and also runs a transport business with 8 trucks used for delivery services under different corporate institutions. Daniel turns over Ugx 1.306 billion. He employs 27 people and now requires a facility of Ugx 83 million as working capital requirements to purchase brand new tyres for the transport business

      Kibuuka Dennis Zzinda is a seasoned business man with 3 lines of business that include transport (buses), real estate (low income houses) and poultry (4,500 birds). Dennis jointly turns over Ugx 1.1Billion and employs about 32 people. He is seeking a working capital loan of Ugx 75 million. This will also provide jobs for 4 people.

      Robert Lutwama Ssebunya runs a super market in Kireka and turns over Ugx 864 million per annum. He employees 9 people and opened a new outlet in Kitintale two months ago. He is requesting for a working capital of Ugx 80 million to boost this new outlet.

      Johnson Yiga is an established real estate business man. He owns 65 low income houses that he has built in the last 12 years.  Johnson turns overs Ugx 312 million per annum and employees over 3 people. He is in need of a loan of Ugx 80 million to renovate a chain of units to avoid any unnecessary pressures from the tenants

      Farouk Lubega operates a motor vehicle spare parts business for now 16 years.  He imports Toyota parts from Japan. He turns over Ugx 1.411 billion per annum and employs 4 people. He is seeking a loan of Ugx 75 million to increase his working capital requirements.

      Herbert Newton Lubega runs a distributorship business with Nile breweries for the last 13 years. The employers have enlarged his territory to now include 3 more districts. The business turns over Ugx 3.8 billion per annum and has over 70 employees. He has approached EFC to grant him a loan of Ugx 73 million to increase his permanent working capital which comes with 12 job opportunities.

      SKL Penal Builder and Electricals Services has been operational for the last 16 years with the lead entrepreneur being Dennis Sentongo. They make assorted concrete building materials and also raise masts for mobile network operators. They turnover Ugx 1.704 billion per annum and employ over 80 staff. They are in need of a loan of Ugx 75 million to help with their working capital requirements.

      Company nameEntrepreneur Financial Centre 9
      CEO Dennis Kibuuka Zzinda


      Entrepreneur Financial Centre (EFC) supports a wide range of entrepreneurs and agricultural cooperatives within different sectors in Uganda. Their loans enable job creation, working capital, and working material for underserved SMEs, allowing better living and working conditions within local communities. In Uganda, there's a strong demand for impact capital to enable organizational improvement and economic growth, helping the country reach its full economic potential


      SDGs impacted

      With this project you are contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

      SDG 1 - No poverty

      SDG 8 - Decent work and economic growth

      SDG 10 - Reduced inequalities

      Read more about the impact you can make through our platform and the SDGs on our impact page.


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      • With this investment 13 jobs are created
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