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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

Empowering entrepreneurs in Zambia (without electricity)

The following story is written by Ella van Kranenburg: As one of the supervisory board members of Lendahand, I wanted to witness where crowd invested money ends up. That’s why I joined Lendahand’s Peter Heijen and Thomas Plaatsman together with a few investors on a short, intense and educational field trip to Zambia. Rest assured, both the investors and I bought our own tickets.

funding gap emerging markets

Visiting our solar partner upOwa in Cameroon

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Lily Zhou on 16 December 2019

Enjoying a cold beer, relaxing with Netflix or simply turning on a lamp. What is normal to us, is a dream to many folks. More than a billion people across the world don’t have reliable access to energy. And of those 600 million people live in Africa. upOwa, partner of Lendahand, makes a big difference in Cameroon with their solar home systems. I visited upOwa and found out the impact of your investment.

funding gap emerging markets

Time: the most precious thing in the world

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Lucas Weaver on 25 November 2019

Recently, a group of our investors paid their own way to travel to Zambia and visit a few of our projects, guided by Lendahand Founder Peter Heijen and Investment Manager Thomas Plaatsman. We wanted to bring you a few of their stories so you can share in their experience. The following is a guest post written by Heini Withagen.

funding gap emerging markets

Lendahand in Indonesie: van lening tot impact

Op zondag 1 april (geen grap) kwam ik aan in Yogyakarta. Gelukkig had Novita, Executive Assistent bij Nusa Makmur, me al voorbereid op het vervoer. In plaats van onderhandelen met een taxi-chauffeur in de hitte (33 graden) heb je handige Apps waarmee je een chauffeur kunt vinden in de buurt. Je kunt voor de Indonesische Uber gaan, genaamd GrabCar of gebruik GoJek voor een motortaxi.

funding gap emerging markets

A story from Colombia

A while ago we received a nice question from Wendele, one of our lenders. She would go traveling in Latin America and was wondering if she could do anything for us. We asked her to visit some of "our" entrepreneurs during her stay in Colombia. We just received an enthusiastic mail about her first day visiting our local partner Eclof!

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