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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

3 Types of African Fintech Projects Receiving Significant Investor Support

Written by Charity Nyawira on 27 May 2021

While many African countries are birthing innovation after innovation; Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa received 82% of the total fintech investment in Africa 2020. We analyze some of the leading types of innovations in these and other African countries.

funding gap emerging markets

100 million and counting...

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Koen The on 25 May 2021

Lendahand has reached the milestone of 100 million euros invested in SMEs in emerging markets. Our CEO Koen The tells us how it all started and how Lendahand managed to get here.

funding gap emerging markets

New partner BWISE is making mobile payments accessible for all in Ecuador

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 21 May 2021

Lendahand's newest partner BWISE offers mobile payment solutions to small and medium entrepreneurs in Latin America. Their services allow MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) to process more types of transaction payments from clients and to sell their customers accessible prepaid products.

funding gap emerging markets

The Power of Innovation in Emerging Markets

funding gap emerging marketsImpactWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 19 May 2021

Many would bet their gold that emerging markets are not the likely home for innovations and inventions like drones, fintech, covid contact tracing apps, and so much more. And yet, there are countless homegrown ideas from developing countries that impact the lives of thousands. When shining a light on their capabilities, we witness an incredible display of possibility.

funding gap emerging markets

Introducing Kori as a new investment opportunity in South America

funding gap emerging marketsUpdatesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 6 May 2021

172,545. That's how many women entrepreneurs Lendahand's new portfolio company Kori has supported to grow so far. Cooperative Kori, based in Peru, focuses on the financial growth of people who have their own businesses and offers group loans for women entrepreneurs.

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Thomas

Thomas is known as the Friendly Face of Investments for obvious reasons: he looks friendly and is part of the investments team. Thomas also enjoys reading and learning about a variety of subjects. If you're looking for a book to read, we'd recommend getting in touch with him.

funding gap emerging markets

Email interview with REDAVIA Gmbh Founder & CEO Erwin Spolders

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Lucas Weaver on 25 March 2021

Continuing our series of email interviews with the leaders of our portfolio companies, this time we got to hear from Erwin Spolders, the founder of REDAVIA Gmbh. This was an interesting interview on many levels. In it, Erwin explained to us a truly innovative approach they took to tackling the COVID crisis in Ghana and Kenya, as well as the finer points of their B2B solar business model.

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Pietro

Pietro is a member of the Investments Team and enjoys organizing team-building events. He is Italian and, with the exception of Dutch, speaks five languages fluently. Fun fact: he once presented the Princess of Thailand with flowers.

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