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Provide fair loans to entrepreneurs in emerging economies via strong financial institutions. The financed companies can create jobs and you'll get an annual return of 3-6%.

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Much more interest compared to an online savings account!

Average interest online savings account (, January'17) 0,4%
Average return Lendahand in 2016 + 2 extra jobs per loan NB: more risk than savings account

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  • Large_crowdfunding_project_voor_bakker_gildardo_castro_is_een_groot_investeringssucces
    Gildardo's bakery in Colombia

    "Because of the loan I obtained through Lendahand I was able to purchase a bread machine and hire 3 extra people".

    • €9.800,- amount lent
    • 13 investors
    • 3 jobs created
  • Large_large_via_mesokrediet_crowdfunding_heeft_mandenmaker_alberto_een_succesvoller_bedrijf-min
    Storage box maker Alberto (Phillipines):

    "Because of the loan I obtained via Lendahand I was able to buy more sustainable materials and boost my production capacity"

    • €7.600,- amount lent
    • 12 investors
    • 3 jobs created

Lenders experiences

  • Associate Professor dr. ir. André Nijhof (Nyenrode University)

    "I see money in the bank account as something anonymous. Money with Lendahand offers an opportunity to entrepreneurs in developing countries to improve the quality of life and connect people to each other. I want to be part of that.”"

    Associate Professor dr. ir. André Nijhof (Nyenrode University) from Eibergen
  • Ambassador Jos van Aggelen

    "In March 2014 Lendahand came to my attention through a tweet. I was immediately attracted to the way that Lendahand wants to contribute to economic development. I’ have been working in the third world for many years now and see with my own eyes how hard it is for many small companies to get access to financing. They are too big for micro credits and too small for banks. Lendahand is filling the gap. From the looks of it they are not an expensive organisation but do have a robust structure in place. I provided my first loan and have the intentions to add a couple more."

    Ambassador Jos van Aggelen from Cotonou, Benin (West Afrika)

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