Our local partner in Colombia

Eclof Colombia was founded in 1986 and is a local branch of Eclof International (active in 19 countries on 3 continents). The headquarters of Eclof Colombia are in Bogota. There are three other branches in the same region with a total of 23 employees, serving 1800 customers.

Maria Victora has broad experience in financial services. Since 2004 she has been the Executive Director of Eclof Colombia, and is thus responsible for the whole SME portfolio.

General information

  • Full nameEclof Colombia
  • CountryColombia
  • Head officeBogota
  • Founded in1986
  • Active on Lendahandsince November 2015

Year report 2015

Financial indicators March, 31 2017

  • Number of SMEs in loan portfolio152
  • Total assets€ 3,158,567
  • Leverage ratio21%
  • Loan portfolio€ 2,283,541
  • Write-off ratio last 12 months0.58%
  • % loan amount in arrears (>90 days)1.06%
  • % loan amount in arrears (>180 days)0.72%

About Colombia

A strict security policy in Colombia in recent years has paid off. The Colombian economy is growing. The image of Colombia has not always been positive. For over 40 years the country has been plagued by armed domestic conflicts. However, the strict security policy has resulted in a steady growth of the GDP with over 3 per cent since 2010. Additionally, the number of foreign investments has increased.

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