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Provide fair loans to entrepreneurs in emerging economies via strong financial institutions. The financed companies can create jobs and you'll get an annual return of 3-6%.

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What is Lendahand meso credit?

Meso credits are development capital for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging countries. Because of these credits, the entrepreneurs can achieve social progress such as more employment. People’s circumstances will be improved and money will become available for education, health care, and development. These are honourable loans where the meso-entrepreneur pays a decent interest rate and the lender receives a fair interest rate.

Advantages of meso credits at Lendahand

The benefit of meso credits is that – like micro credits – they are loans instead of donations or subsidies. This way self-sufficiency is stimulated. Borrowers pay back the loan with interest, which minimises dependency. Because of meso credits, income increases, and more people will have access to health care and education. Another important advantage of Lendahand meso credits is that the money is only lent to successful SMEs that have a proven track record of business activities, loans, and repayments. These entrepreneurs have shown in the past that they know how to deal with financial means.

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Much more interest compared to an online savings account!

Average interest online savings account (, January'17) 0,4%
Average return Lendahand in 2016 + 2 extra jobs per loan NB: more risk than savings account

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