An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest’ – B. Franklin

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create jobs and reduce poverty.

Entrepreneurs in upcoming economies are very well equipped to become engines of economic development and employment. The problem is that their access to qualitative good training is limited. This is what we want to change!

What we do

The Lendahand Foundation trains entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in upcoming markets. The demand-based training will help them obtain the right knowledge and knowhow to expand their business and improve the lives of their families, workers and society at large. To ensure maximum local impact, our programmes are designed and carried out in close cooperation with local partners.

Ultimate goal: Reduction of poverty in upcoming economies by creating more jobs within SMEs.

How are we different?

The Lendahand Foundation is a partner of social enterprise and crowdfunding platform that provides affordable loans to SME entrepreneurs. The combination of providing training (Lendahand Foundation) ánd loans ( is unique and effective in developing future proof SMEs. Truly 1+1=3.

Achievements in 2014

In 2014, we started with training sessions in The Philippines. We were able to start training programs focused on financial management, product development and social responsibility. So far over 200 entrepreneurs have received training. They also received personal advice on specific challenges that they face. This enabled them to grow their businesses.

Plans 2015

Train a total of 250 SME entrepreneurs; 150 in The Philippines (in 3 sessions), 50 in Colombia (in 2 sessions) and 50 in Ghana (in 3 sessions).

We aim to institutionalize the Lendahand trainings into a ‘SME MBA program’ from 2016 onwards.

To achieve our objectives, we are looking for partnerships and financial support. Please contact