Portfolio overview

With Lendahand you don't invest directly in the entrepreneur (with a few exceptions) but through a local partner. This local partner is providing the loan to the entrepreneur of your choice. The local partner covers the risks of defaults and currency fluctuations. Therefore, the risk you take is with the local partner and not with the entrepreneur. The following numbers therefore refer to the local partners.

Loan portfolio Lendahand including defaults and delays dated 31st March 2017.

  In absolute terms (euro's) As % of total provided loans
Total amount of loans € 15,061,800 100%
Minus total amount repaid € 5,611,536 37%
Outstanding balance € 9,450,264 63%
Minus debited/ defaults* € 0 0%
Minus delays** € 0 0%
Still to be repaid € 9,450,264 63%
Total interest paid € 239,232  
Interest yet to be paid € 501,300  
Average interest received from local partners on an annual basis 7.26%  
Minus defaults 0%  
Minus costs 0%  
Minus average margin Lendahand 3.24%  
Average effective interest for lenders annually 4.02%  
First loan March 5th, 2013  
Total number of loans 32,157  
Number of projects offered 1,630  
Number of projects funded 1,630  

* The total amount of write-offs (also: 'defaults') are the amounts for which it is reasonable to expect that they will not be repaid to the investors or are more than 365 days behind in payment. A partial write-off is also possible if there has been a partial repayment. A bankruptcy does not necessarily mean a write-off when it is still reasonable to expect that the loan can be repaid through foreclosure. (A bankruptcy is a write-off if no repayment can be expected or if the 365 days of late payment have been exceeded.)

** Arrears of >45, >90 or >180 days refer to the sum of all outstanding repayments for loans whereby the borrower is at least 45, 90 or 180 days behind on repayment with respect to the agreed repayment date.
(source: Branchvereniging Crowdfunding Nederland)

Lendahand is committed to a transparent crowdfunding market. That is why we made a commitment to the Branchevereniging Nederland Crowdfunding on displaying the status of financing on our platform. Please note that the crowdfunding market is relatively new and evolving. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.