Socially engaged and professional, this sums up our team. A diverse team of ten people with experience in business, banking, consultancy and non-profit sectors. With great pleasure we use our skills to achieve the ambitions of Lendahand. We gladly introduce ourselves.

Peter Heijen

Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers

A few years back I traveled through Nepal, India and Bangladesh. I witnessed first hand that entrepreneurship and jobs are the strongest weapons in fighting poverty. Many business owners, however, did not have access to affordable finance. Crowdfunding seemed like a good solution and that is why I founded Lendahand.

Koen The

Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital

I like to use the skills I obtained from my experience in the investment banking industry in London to help provide children in developing countries a better future. A sustainable investment strategy improves the future of others as well as your own.

Peter Stolze

T-Mobile and Cordaid

I find new forms of development aid very interesting. Especially the rise of financially independent companies like Lendahand which put social impact first. I strongly believe in the self-relience of people by providing fair loans.

Eduard Tee

Deloitte and Mirabeau

I think that it is important to work with people who are trying to reach a common goal. A team in which everyone has their own role. I believe that the role of Lendahand within our society illustrates that helping others and achieving financial returns can be done together.

Tobias Grinwis
Investments Ranger

Student Strategic Management

Work hard, play harder. Preferably with a company creating real value, not just economic value. Financial and social return - a combination of the future. I am a self proclaimed 'wildlife ranger', hence my title: Investments Ranger.

Dinand Mentink
Web Cowboy

Student Financial Engineering

I chose my studies as financial mathematics intrigued me, I got to know microcredit during my minor, and gained experience in webdevelopment at my own company. I wrote my master thesis about impact at Lendahand and stayed for the coffee.

Marija Urumovska
Investment Lady

Morgan Stanley

Lendahand is proving that financial returns can be obtained while improving society and protecting the environment. I love working with people who care about making a positive and lasting impact, and also have the skills and dedication to make it happen.


Danny den Hartog
International expansion


During the six years I worked in Asia I saw a lot of poverty. At the same time I also saw many optimistic and entrepreneurial people. It is amazing to be able to contribute to their development.

Hans Kramer
Social Media

Solidaridad and Philips Lighting

I enjoy learning from others and inspiring others. It is great that I can use my knowledge and experience with regard to social media for a company like Lendahand, where it is about more than just sales.

Erna Goudt
WASH partnerships

Student International Relations LinkedIn

In the Philippines I spoke with the owner of a carpentry. He used the wood scraps to build tables and chairs for schoolchildren in the area. A social entrepreneur without even realizing it. Lately I can not help but wonder: why aren't all enterprises social enterprises?

Eva Schouten
Social impact


During my studies I met a lot of motivated entrepreneurs in difficult situation. Ranging from a woman in a Tanzanian goldmine without protective means to a Ghanaian cocoa farmer unable to replant his land. I am very excited to work for Lendahand and support people like these!

Karlijn Hoyer
Intern international expansion


Growing up in Malaysia and traveling around Asia, I was lucky to be indulged in different cultures and traditions in the early years of my life. But inevitably, I also saw a lot of poverty and inequality. This motivated me to spend my holiday teaching English in Cambodia directly after high school. At Lendahand, I get the opportunity to facilitate structural changes in these (and other) countries.

Raad van Advies

Maarten van den Belt


Maarten has worked in the financial sector in several developing and emerging markets during his professional life. He now focuses on new (non-banking) financing initiatives with an international and online nature. He also sits in various boards of MFI and SME organizations.

Simone Brummelhuis


Simone has a legal background but made a switch in 2001 when she founded a restaurant and the booking website Iens were she served as managing director for 7 years. Currently she is engaged in media, as the commisioner of TMG and the founder of business platform

Taco Morelisse


Taco has spent the last 25 years gaining a broad experience in strategy, business and product development in various sectors. He was the CEO at Kluwer and Marketing Director at Telfort. Currently he invests in start-ups and coaches companies on how to grow successfully.

Martijn Bollen


Martijn uses his legal experience in the fields of microfinance and investing in emerging countries. He worked as a lawyer at Loyens & Loeff for several years and is currently the general counsel at 'Catalyst Microfinance Investors', a private equity fund investing in microcredit institutions.