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Pwani Feeds Limited 2

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  • With a loan of EUR 150,000 Shem wants to further expand his egg business and outreach to an enlarged farmer base.

    150 000 €
    12 mois
    6 mois
    Montant150 000 €
    Maturité12 mois
    Remboursements6 mois
      Entièrement financé en 1 jour sur 31 Août 2017.
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      Note: this type of loan involves risks. Factoring is still in its infancy in Africa and the track record of such products is therefore limited.

      Credit risk is hedged through a combination of pledged invoices, credit guarantees and a 20% deposit, which the client builds up with Financial Access over a period of six months.

      Shem Mwaura, the founder and CEO of Pwani Feeds, is a Kenyan entrepreneur from the Thika region in Kenya. Founded in 2002, Pwani processes and sells animal feeds and eggs. Its approach is distinct in that the company purchases eggs directly from farmers’ own residences i.e. farm gate pick-up. Pwani started at the Coast region where it deploys 9 depots, in addition to 3 depots in the Central region, from where it sells feeds and the eggs collected from farmers. At present there are 42 collection routes with a customer base of over 5,500 poultry farmers.

      Pwani continuously expands its farmer base and - aside from feeds supply - all its farmers have access to free extension services and farmer seminars to enhance their animal production knowledge. This is a service offered across the board at no cost. The company has created over 100 jobs in its business model thereby alleviating poverty as well as improving gender equality considering that over 70% of the Kenyan poultry farmers are women. With the elections in Kenya successfully completed, the company is poised for a new wave of growth.

      Local partner Financial Acces provides the loan, which has to be repaid in 12 months. 

      Nom de l’entreprisePwani Feeds Limited 2
      PDGShem Mwaura
      Chiffre d'affaires6 982 968,36 €


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      • Grâce à cet investissement 15 emplois sont créés
      • Avec cet investissement 60 sont améliorées

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