Five Minutes With Eke

We proudly present Eke, our Operational and Office Manager. Eke is always happy to offer a helping hand, and the one who arranges the most original surprises for the team: from special deliveries to fun (online) activities. She swims in the North Sea at least once a week, all year round- it's refreshing and energises her for the rest of the day. After living and working in the UK and Spain, we’re happy to have her near.


Name: Eke Leertouwer

Role: Operational & Office Manager


What does your typical workday look like?
I don't have a typical working day. I go from HR-related activities to customer service to operational tasks.


What is the last time you lent somebody a hand? 
Yesterday, when I picked up a mountain bike for someone who wanted to give it to his son as a graduation present.


How do you impact the lives of others on a daily basis?
Outside of work, I think my answer to this is to smile. It generally makes us feel good to start the day with a smile, and smiles are contagious. I wish those who I encounter a good day and give them a broad smile. They almost always smile back. 


What are the hands-on things one can do to empower others?
One example is to give people responsibility, allowing them to make their own choices and let them make their own mistakes. This way, they can learn and grow. Of course, you can still be there for them and jump in when needed.


What’s a crowdfunding project that still inspires you?
All projects make a real difference in the lives of entrepreneurs. The Twegatte Kireka Group via Opportunity Bank stands out. This group consists of food and market salespeople, who used to travel to sell their wares. Now they are opening shops and remain in one place. What a change this must be for them and their families.

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