Five Minutes With Clarisse

Our “Five Minutes With” series continues with our franꞔaise Clarisse, Lendahand’s talented designer. She creates all of our illustrations and animations, including the drawings on this image. Moreover, Clarisse is a great photographer and a dog-person. She brought her dog to the Netherlands; it's a Jack Russel named Jack!


Name: Clarisse Grosset

Role: Growth designer


What does your typical workday look like?

Working in different fields interests me. I'm currently working on expanding the company’s brand identity, redesigning the website, emails, social posts, photography, and everything else design-related. Generally, as I'm working on a project, I do some research and then drift away from the work as I'm excited to see different things; it gives me other ideas that I may not have found otherwise. I also make lists of things I need to remember, eat, read my email, and relax with my colleagues. I play a daily ping-pong game to take a breather, and then I’m back to work.


What is the last time you lent somebody a hand?

I don't remember.. is that bad? 
But I do remember the last time someone helped me. I think we remember better when somebody helps us when we’re stuck or in a bad position than vice versa, as they become someone special to us.


How do you impact the lives of others daily?

I hope to make others' day better through laughs and fun, helping out, good moods, exciting conversations about everything, new experiences, and enthusiasm.


What are the hands-on things one can do to empower others?

A difficult question. By showing people the impact they can have in their own daily life and the benefits it brings, they would be more understanding to make an effort for the common good because it will make them see the impact they can create in the lives of others. It is always more challenging to do something when you only see the results in pictures or information. An action = a seen result. Someone told me that it’s typically French to do that.


What’s a crowdfunding project that still inspires you?

Being in the design field, I’m interested in Kickstarter projects. Different people propose different ideas to improve the daily life of people- they are creating the future. The things that inspire me are all the companies that use recycling or dare to try something new. I love Adidas's idea, for example, where they create a basket from plastic waste and fishnets. Those people and companies encourage me and make me want to do better and become a visionary.

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