Five Minutes With Pietro

Pietro is a member of the Investments Team and enjoys organizing team-building events. He is Italian and, with the exception of Dutch, speaks five languages fluently. Fun fact: he once presented the Princess of Thailand with flowers.


Name: Pietro Galardi

Role: Investment Analyst


What does your typical workday look like?

I spend my days swinging between the analysis of current investments and the analysis of potential ones. I like doing both, there is a lot to learn within our existing portfolio, but it is also very inspiring to engage with new companies and understand what they have to offer to the world.


What is the last time you lent somebody a hand? 

I can't recall, really. I try to be nice to everyone every day. It does not cost me anything to help out; actually, it makes my day better. I think this is why I don't remember. I just do it!


How do you impact the lives of others on a daily basis?

I try to fill my day with a positive attitude. Smiling, listening, understanding people that surround me is always the setting stone for a good day.


What are the hands-on things one can do to empower others?

We are all different in what we can offer and what we need. Sometimes a polite greeting is enough. Make sure to give what you can, and ask kindly for things that you need.


What’s a crowdfunding project that still inspires you?

Social welfare is an amazing crowdfunding story! Imagine the whole society gathers and decides that everyone will contribute something so that everyone will benefit. The key is that even if you contribute more than what you will receive, you will benefit nonetheless because a harmonious society will make everyone's life better!

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