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Registered in Aug/2009, SunTransfer Kenya (STKE) is a solar company in Kenya with a bold mission – transforming rural lives and livelihoods through off-grid solar. We are driven and inspired by the challenge of making quality solar energy accessible and affordable to over 6 million households or 70% of the off-grid households in Kenya, majority of whom are at the bottom of they pyramid (BOP).  At the core of STKE innovation is designing, testing and scaling last-mile distribution models to deliver the twin goals of accessibility and affordbility of quality solar energy to the BOP in Kenya. 

Gathu Kirubi is CEO of the company, a self-made solar energy entrepreneur and a strategic thinker. He brings over 15 years of deep passion and proven business acumen in creating and implementing innovative business models for delivering off-grid solar solutions to communities and micro-enterprises in rural Kenya. 

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PrestatarioSuntransfer Kenya Investment Ltd.
Sede principalNairobi
Fundado 1 Agosto 2009
Activo en Lendahand desde12 Julio 2017

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Activos totales€158,810
Ratio de apalancamiento0.00%

Sobre Kenia

Kenya has the highest income per capita and the largest economy of East Africa, making the country the financial center of the region. This is partly due to its convenient location at the coast, allowing the country to be the regional trade center. Kenyans are typically higher educated compared to people in neighboring countries. There is a free market and low import and export restrictions. All of these factors lead to Kenya being the main location for foreign companies to settle in after South Africa. Important sectors are agriculture, industry and services, including the financial sector. The increase in export of tea and flowers also contributes to an influx of foreign currency.

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