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upOwa was found in 2014 with its main mission to make solar-powered products accessible to millions of households which currently live without light in Cameroon and the rest of Central Africa. The first project, together with the three main parties in the field of mobile payments in Cameroon, was launched halfway through 2016 and has so far reached more than 9000 people.

upOwa has designed its own software platform to be able to provide excellent service to its customers and make repayments as cost-efficient as possible

Killien de Renty is CEO and co-founder. His objective is to take up a business challenge: he longs for a leadership role in world-class projects aiming at the creation of long-term wealth in developing economies.

Información general

PrestatarioupOwa SAS
Sede principalJarrie
Fundado20 Octubre 2014
Activo en Lendahand desde 1 Mayo 2018

Información financiera para 2021-06-30

Activos totales€5,572,000
Ratio de apalancamiento89.78%

Sobre Camerún

The Republic of Cameroon is a country in Central-Africa and was born on the 1st of January 1961 through the unification of French Cameroun and the British Cameroons. The country has approximately 25 million inhabitants. Besides corn and beans, food crops such as coffee, cotton, rubber, bananas and cacao are cultivated for export. Cameroon has a stable political climate and as a result has been able to build a good infrastructure. The republic, just as many other African countries, deals with a growing poverty rate. In 2017, 40% of the population lived below the poverty line and a quarter of the population lived off a daily income that was lower than $2.

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