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VITALITE Zambia Limited is a Zambian registered company limited by shares founded in 2013 and headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia. The company is a leading last mile distribution and service company, providing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for underserved, urban and rural communities across Zambia. VITALITE’s mission is to improve lives by making quality products, services and renewable energy accessible and affordable to all Zambian households. Since 2016, VITALITE has installed more than 15,000 Pay As You Go (PAYGO) Solar Home Systems (SHSs) and sold over 5,000 improved cookstoves, impacting more than 104,000 people.

John Fay is currently Director at VITALITE Zambia Limited. Additionally, he is board member at the SEM Fund (NGO based in Dakar, Senegal) and (the first online microlending community that directly connects lenders and entrepreneurs in developing countries). 

Información general

PrestatarioVITALITE Zambia Limited
Sede principalLusaka
Fundado 9 Diciembre 2013
Activo en Lendahand desde17 Agosto 2018

Información financiera para 2021-06-30

Activos totales€1,372,542
Ratio de apalancamiento5.11%

Sobre Zambia

The Zambian economy used to be largely dependent on copper mining. The copper reserves are however depleting. Three quarters of the population is active in agriculture, which is good for 31% of the GDP. The main crops are corn, sugar, tobacco and sunflower seeds. In 1991 Zambia became a republic.

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