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Gram Utthan 15

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  • With EUR 14,050 an entire village will gain access to a clean and efficient source of lighting through solar lanterns.

    24 meses
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    Vencimiento24 meses
    Reembolsos6 meses
      Completamente financiado en 3 díasen 28 Diciembre 2017.

      El proyecto

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      One of the most financially poor States in India is Odisha- where 91% of the population resides in villages, and 39% belongs to tribal communities where the average daily income is below $1. Several communities in Odisha, such as Kendrapara barely see any electricity. Out of 24 hours, many villages get electricity for only 6 hours! This means, the electricity that most of us take for granted, reaches them for just one-fourth of a day.

      The communities residing in Kendrapara are agrarian. With unscheduled and unpredictable power-cuts, life is nothing short of thorny. Residents often resort to expensive battery-operated emergency lights or kerosene-fueled lamps. The kerosene lamps come with their own set of problems- not only are they expensive, but also hazardous as they give rise to toxic fumes. Problems get further aggravated after sunset as families are unable to cook food in the dark, children cannot study and hawkers have to pack up. The lesser obvious ones include wild animals entering the village causing havoc and the sick not getting proper treatment due to lack of visibility.

      Gram Utthan, an organization based in Odisha, focuses on dealing with issues pertaining to livelihood, skill training, sanitation and more recently- energy. Their core value is to enhance human dignity and work towards sustainable development. Gram Utthan has implemented its Energy program in six districts in rural Odisha with a view to solve some of the problems that the residents currently face. Solar powered lighting has improved the general quality of life in the region. The beneficiaries have reduced expenses on traditional sources of lighting such as kerosene, increased economic activity through extension of working hours, fewer health issues arising from toxic kerosene and cow-dung fumes, and higher literacy rates as children can study after sunset. Milaap in partnership with Gram Utthan seeks to reach out to more such communities in rural Odisha.

      Through the current project, 407 families will gain access to a clean and efficient source of lighting - solar lanterns - and in turn be more productive, healthier and happier.

      Nombre de la empresaMilaap
      Director generalGovind Dah
      SectorServicios financieros
      Volumen de negocio€8,251,675.39


      Milaap is the largest crowdfunding platform in India, enabling stories of hope, courage, and change. They provide credit services to the poor and excluded to help them to work themselves out of poverty.

      Milaap partners with a range of credit-worthy field partners who hold a strong social mission. They grant loans for energy projects, water access, artisan supply chains, and more, mostly in rural areas. Many of their projects empower women entrepreneurs, mainly providing working capital to women with a weaving enterprise, small shops, or handicrafts.


      SDG’s impacted

      With this project you are contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

      SDG 1. No poverty

      SDG 3. Good health and well-being

      SDG 5. Gender equality

      SDG 6. Clean water and sanitation

      SDG 8. Decent work and economic growth

      SDG 10. Reduced inequalities

      Read more about the impact you can make through our platform and the SDGs on our impact page.

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