Eclof Colombia

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Eclof Colombia was founded in 1986 and is part of the international organization “Eclof International” (active in 19 countries on 3 continents). Eclof Colombia has its headquarters in Colombia and 3 branch offices in the region. A team of 23 people, including 11 loan officers helps approximately 1800 clients.

Maria Victoria Aguirre, who has a vast experience in financial services, is Eclof Colombia’s Executive Director and is responsible for the whole SME portfolio.

Información general

PrestatarioEclof Colombia SAS
Sede principalBogota
Fundado 1 Enero 1986
Activo en Lendahand desde 1 Noviembre 2013

Información financiera para 2020-03-31

Resumen de la cartera€2,017,883.30
Ratio de apalancamiento22.70%
Ratio de amortización de los últimos 12 meses0.11%
% de inversión en mora (>90 días)1.32%

Sobre Colombia

A strict security policy in Colombia in recent years has paid off. The Colombian economy is growing. The image of Colombia has not always been positive. For over 40 years the country has been plagued by armed domestic conflicts. However, the strict security policy has resulted in a steady growth of the GDP with over 3 per cent since 2010. Additionally, the number of foreign investments has increased.

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