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IsKarGu Restaurant

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  • With EUR 6,800 Margarita is able to reconstruct her successful restaurant after it was wiped out by a typhoon.

    18 meses
    6 meses
    Vencimiento18 meses
    Reembolsos6 meses
      Financiación completa en 30 díasen 14 Diciembre 2014.

      El proyecto

      Margarita Rivera is a mother of 2 and the owner of IsKarGu Restaurant located in Calauan, Laguna. The restaurant is located along a highway with a beautiful scenic view of rice fields with mountain ranges at the horizon. Margarita started the restaurant in 2002 on her mother's advice with a small inventory. At conception, the restaurant only contained 5 chairs and only the necessary kitchen appliances, which she was able to buy after she and her husband separated. Her ex left Margarita with Php. 100,000, which was fully invested in the restaurant.

      Because of the rural ambiance and the excellent food that the restaurant has to offer, it became a highly attractive restaurant for travelers passing the highway. Margarita is not only the owner, but also a committed chef. IsKarGu Restaurant currently employs fifteen workers with Margie's sister as the assistant manager and her brother as the sous chef. She is also highly committed to her community and uses her skills as a chef and restaurant owner to sponsor a feeding program for children from the nearby Don Bosco region.

      Unfortunately, Mother Nature struck Margarita and the restaurant hard when Typhoon Glenda wiped out her restaurant completely in 2014, leaving her and the workers unemployed. She is, however, motivated more than ever to reconstruct her business.

      Lendahand and its local partner NPFC are very proud to support Margarita in her time of need to rebuild her restaurant by providing a loan, which will be repaid in 18 months.

      Nombre de la empresaNPFC
      Director generalMargarita Rivera
      UbicaciónCaluan Laguna
      Volumen de negocio€155,574.24


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