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Phillip Bank Plc is a member of PhillipCapital, an integrated Asian financial house based in Singapore, but operational in 15 countries, including offices in Australia, Cambodia, China (and Hong Kong SAR), France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UK, UAE, USA and Vietnam. 

Phillip Bank Plc commenced business in Cambodia in 2009. In 2019, they merged with Lendahand's partner Kredit (an MFI focused providing financial services and training to low-income earners). 

Phillip Bank's CEO, Ong Teong Hoon started working in the financial sector in 1977 and has been with the bank for 25 years, holding different positions in different countries. He is a graduate from the University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration and an Associate of the Chartered Institution of Bankers since 1978. 

Información general

PrestatarioPhillip Bank Plc
Sede principalPhnom Penh
Fundado 1 Enero 2009
Activo en Lendahand desde14 Marzo 2020

Información financiera para 2021-06-30

Resumen de la cartera€412,799,218.49
Ratio de apalancamiento21.49%
Ratio de amortización de los últimos 12 meses0.17%
% de inversión en mora (>90 días)2.53%

Sobre Camboya

Cambodia has had a lot to endure over the last century. Ongoing wars led to uncertainty offering many opportunities for corruption. In the last decade the situation in Cambodia has calmed down. Economic growth has resulted in a gradual improvement of the situation. Still, with an average income of 300 dollars per person per year, Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The majority of the Cambodian economy is based on the agricultural sector. Agriculture and fishing have always been of great importance for the self-sufficiency and domestic trade of the country. Rice, cassava, rubber, corn and pepper are the most common crops.

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