Wake up for coffee farmers with Café Perú

Escrito por Lynn Hamerlinck el 1 Agosto 2022

Five coffee agricultural cooperatives and three social financial organizations joined forces to improve the working and living conditions of coffee farmers in Peru. Together they form Café Perú, a new corporation now available for you to invest in.

Café Perú opens opportunities to improve infrastructure and quality of produce for rural smallholder coffee farmers and facilitates their access to national and international markets. 


A Cup of Café Perú

Peru is the 11th largest coffee producing country in the world, producing 192 million kilos of coffee each year. The high altitude Andes mountains that run right through Central Peru are optimal for growing arabica coffee. 

Nearly 30% of the country’s smallholder coffee farmers are part of a local cooperative. Being a member of a cooperative helps rural farmers to market their beans to a larger audience and receive a better price.1

Café Perú helps these farmer cooperatives grow, providing them with various essential services such as agro-industrial, commercial, and financial services. Meanwhile, more than 30 cooperatives are benefiting over 6,000 small coffee producers throughout the country. 

With Café Perú by their side, the coffee farmers get access to quality processing solutions and a large supply chain built from partnerships with producer organizations. Farmers receive access to Café Perú facilities, for example, where they can store and dry their coffee. 

Besides the operational support, Café Perú also offers significant economic aid. They maintain financing lines for working capital with local banks and offer the farmer cooperatives advice on management and financing for working capital. Through its network, Café Perú also manages to improve the negotiation between the sale price and the purchase price of raw materials. 

Café Perú works on providing market development opportunities through contracts with sustainable certifications such as Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance. They commit to positively impacting society and developing their company in a sustainable way, highly valuing the protection of the environment. 

Meanwhile, they’re going places on the international market, seeing their revenues from exports rise from 14% in 2019 to 96% in 2021. They mainly sell their coffee to roasters and importers from Germany, the United States, and Belgium.


Why Lendahand? 

With their projects on Lendahand, Café Perú will purchase beans from organizations of small producers located in the central jungle of Peru. The financing will allow more than 1,500 producers to access commercial opportunities with differentiated and competitive prices, improving their income to benefit their families. 

The financing allows for expanding the region where Café Perú can purchase coffee to boost its production volumes. Expansion directly means job creation as they will need to open new coffee collection centers, creating new employment opportunities for young people in rural places.

Are you interested in supporting Café Perú to reach rural coffee farmers in Peru? Have a look at their projects on our projects page. Happy crowdfunding!


1 Driven Coffee

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