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First Finance 10

With this investment of EUR 200,000 local partner First Finance in Cambodia can (again) provide loans to support 35 families of garment workers to purchase land for their first home in RK area (Phnom Penh). **please note: this project contains an exchange rate risk EUR/USD)**

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  • 94% of the investors would recommend Lendahand
  • Average of 1273 customer experiences
Nice. But some investments not available to other that Dutch tax citizens. That is a pity for me as a Finnish investor that likes your impact investments.- Pasi
It's great to feel like I'm making a difference and the chance to make a small amount of money in the process.- Sam
Good- Daniel Coffey
good, I wish for more solar and renewable energy projects to fund. - Yannick Porter
the overall idea is awesome but you have to improve UI and UX- Andrea
Simple- George Gawith (Taxis) Ltd
Positive, fulfill the expectations- Guglielmo
Straight forward - Don
Detailled and easy- Daniel
Apart from a little difficulty opening the account due to my address not having a street number all good so far after making first investment although surpri...- Francis
In progress - n
good- Andrew
good- sarah quinlan
It was super simple and feels good to make impact!- Femke
Absolutely dreadful- John
Excellent- Chris Mackintosh
Good- Daniel Coffey
Great platform, interesting projects and good user experience- Fernando
very userfriendly and for a good cause- Annabella
Lean and slick interface. Lendahand platform provides the opportunity to participate in projects with economic and social impact around the world while givin...- Paulo
Good - great to see available projects and upcoming projects. Verification pretty quick To improve - card payment interface in English would be preferable! ...- Jamie Hudson
Clear n good - anonymous
Positive investment possibilities, quick responses to queries. Just 1 technical issue: when paying with MasterCard, the payment stays in the basket as if it ...- Darcia De Man
Easy investment and decent returns for an investment with a positive impact- anonymous
understandable, intuitive, satisfying- anonymous
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