Invest in economic growth and decent working conditions

It’s our mission to fight poverty by investing in people and businesses. The facts are harsh. 731 million people live in extreme poverty. They survive on less than €1,90 a day. To eradicate poverty, we need to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. Here’s how you can contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #8.

Improving society as a whole

“Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standard” the United Nations report. We couldn’t agree more. When more people are productive and receive a fair income, society will benefit as a whole. It delivers security in the workplace and social protection. In contrast, unemployment can disrupt peace and create unrest.

Defining what’s decent

It’s not enough to simply create jobs. Millions of people who are working, are still unable to free themselves and their families from poverty. Their working conditions need to be improved. We need to promote so called “decent working opportunities,” where people earn fair wages, have better prospects for personal development and equal pay for men and women. 

Promoting a sustainable economy

At Lendahand we’re working hard to promote sustainable, innovative and people-centered economies. In our portfolio, you’ll often find projects that empower women as well as focus on youth employment. In general, we’re all about offering decent work for all. Check out our projects and fight poverty with us. Invest in people and businesses today.

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