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Five Minutes With Thomas

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 21 april 2021

Thomas is known as the Friendly Face of Investments for obvious reasons: he looks friendly and is part of the investments team. Thomas also enjoys reading and learning about a variety of subjects. If you're looking for a book to read, we'd recommend getting in touch with him.


Email interview with REDAVIA Gmbh Founder & CEO Erwin Spolders

Geschreven door Lucas Weaver op 25 maart 2021

Continuing our series of email interviews with the leaders of our portfolio companies, this time we got to hear from Erwin Spolders, the founder of REDAVIA Gmbh. This was an interesting interview on many levels. In it, Erwin explained to us a truly innovative approach they took to tackling the COVID crisis in Ghana and Kenya, as well as the finer points of their B2B solar business model.


Five Minutes With Pietro

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 23 maart 2021

Pietro is a member of the Investments Team and enjoys organizing team-building events. He is Italian and, with the exception of Dutch, speaks five languages fluently. Fun fact: he once presented the Princess of Thailand with flowers.


Five Minutes With Lynn

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 10 maart 2021

Lynn is Lendahand’s Growth Coordinator. She’s Belgian, has the cutest cat named Papi Chulo, and loves being outdoors. She also enjoys sailing on the ocean and speaks multiple languages. Lynn writes most of the blog posts on our website, our monthly newsletters, and email updates. 


Five Minutes With Lily

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 23 februari 2021

Lily is Lendahand’s Growth Strategist, a mom of two, and one of the few people in the office that doesn’t drink coffee. Another fun fact is despite her lack of singing skills (her words, not ours), she loves karaoke. We’ve asked her a couple of questions to help you get to know her better. 


Interview with Funding Societies CEO Kelvin Teo

Geschreven door Lucas Weaver op 23 februari 2021

We recently conducted an email interview with Kelvin Teo, Co-founder and Group CEO of Funding Societies | Modalku. Here’s what he had to say about the exciting prospects of Peer-to-Peer lending in Southeast Asia, as well as the impact Funding Societies is making by providing much needed capital to underfunded SMEs.


Five Minutes With Tobias

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 9 februari 2021

Tobias started as an intern with Lendahand and then spent five months in the African bush in a conservation team at a wildlife reserve. When he returned, he began as an LAH employee and eventually grew to become the Head of Investments. Fun fact: over the course of 30 years, he’s had the privilege of taking care of 19 dogs. (And no, not because the mortality rate is that high!)


Five Minutes With Lucas

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 26 januari 2021

Lucas is a sports-fanatic from Texas and moved to Rotterdam a few years ago. He has a lot of responsibility, working as Lendahand’s Head of Growth and owning an English language school in Rotterdam. When he’s not working, Lucas enjoys taking his dog Remi out for walks, making his famous peanut butter-banana oats, and going to the gym.


Five Minutes With Clarisse

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 4 januari 2021

Our “Five Minutes With” series continues with our franꞔaise Clarisse, Lendahand’s talented designer. She creates all of our illustrations and animations, including the drawings on this image. Moreover, Clarisse is a great photographer and a dog-person. She brought her dog to the Netherlands, it's a Jack Russel named Jack!


Five Minutes With Eke

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 21 december 2020

We proudly present Eke, our Operational and Office Manager. Eke is always happy to offer a helping hand, and the one who arranges the most original surprises for the team: from special deliveries to fun (online) activities. She swims in the North Sea at least once a week, all year round- it's refreshing and energises her for the rest of the day. After living and working in the UK and Spain, we’re happy to have her near.


Five Minutes With Koen

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 7 december 2020

Today, we introduce you to Koen, who's had an unlikely career path from quantitative analyst, to institutional sales, to becoming Lendahand's CEO.


Five Minutes With Melissa

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 23 november 2020

Melissa was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. After obtaining her legal degree at the University of Pretoria, she spent three years in private legal practice, whereafter she joined the corporate world as an in-house legal advisor. For most of her career, she's been active in the renewable energy space. She has two amazing kids and dogs, and a bucket list item for her would be to see the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant in Iceland. Her favorite travel destinations are the Kruger National Park and the Western Cape.


Five Minutes With Adriaan

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 9 november 2020

Today’s “Five Minutes With” interview features Adriaan, who gave up the sunny grounds and dark basements studying experimental physics at the California Institute of Technology to join Lendahand in the middle of the pandemic. Apart from working on data, technology, and investments at Lendahand, he enjoys rock climbing.


Eén jaar bij Heilige Boontjes

Geschreven door Lynn Hamerlinck op 27 oktober 2020

Een jaar geleden verhuisden wij naar ons kantoor op het Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam. Lendahanders houden van hun kantoor. Wat het zo bijzonder maakt vertellen we je in deze blogpost


Five Minutes With Vini

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 26 oktober 2020

Today we introduce you to Vini in our second interview of our “Five Minutes With” series. Vini is Brazilian, and among other interesting facts, he learned to program when he was only 11 years old, and initially studied game development.


Five Minutes With Daniel

Geschreven door Femke Rutgers op 12 oktober 2020

Lendahand has almost doubled in size in the last 1,5 years. Time for a re-introduction of our team! Starting in this series is our newly appointed CFO: Daniel van Maanen. Daniel joined our company this January (how much the times have changed since then..), has a background in investments and was the CFO at his previous company Aircrete.


Meer entertainment én meer omzet dankzij dit solarproject in Kameroen

Geschreven door Lily Zhou op 14 februari 2020

Eerder heb ik je verteld over mijn bezoek aan onze solarpartner upOwa in Kameroen. Met hun solar-home-systemen krijgen consumenten toegang tot schone energie, zelfs op meer afgelegen plekken. Vandaag laat ik je zien hoe het is op één van die plekken. Reis mee naar Sa’a en ontmoet de familie Bobofils. 


Hoe geld een gezicht krijgt in Zambia

Rust en kalmte. Geen auto die toetert. Overal drempels, afremmende ribbels in de weg. Nauwelijks fietsers, vooral voetgangers. In de stad, buiten de stad, in de middle of nowhere, overal voetgangers. Op weg naar de partners van Lendahand rijden we langs eindeloze wegen met bouwvallige kraampjes. Of gewoon tafels in de brandende zon met tientallen meters tomaten. Iedere kraam heeft een specialiteit: van plastic slippers tot houten voordeuren. Verkopers schuilen soms in de schaduw van een enkele aanwezige boom. Wie zijn deze verkopers? En hoe verdienen ze hun loon? Ik ga in de praktijk zien hoe mijn leningen besteed worden.

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