Make an impact in your pajamas

Good news: there’s no need for you to go outside to make an impact. There are tons of things you can do from the comfort of your home. So put on your pajamas, pour yourself a beverage of choice and raise your glass. Here’s to solidarity!

1. Invite your family to a virtual dinner party

Cook yourself something nice (or use the microwave) and enjoy it in front of your friends and family. Well, your digital friends and family to be fair. This way nobody gets lonely, you still have dinner together and you don’t even have to dress up (just the upper part of your body).

2. Support your locals

These are difficult times for local entrepreneurs. Help them get through by getting groceries at their shop, buying books from their webshop and following their online sports events. Got tickets for a concert or theatre show that got cancelled? Donate your investment to the organization.

3. Write a card 

Even before this pandemic, many elderly struggle with loneliness. Send them a card! Even if you don’t have a grandfather or grandmother. Initiatives such as Coromapost and Corona Quarantaine Contact invite you to write a card via their website. They’ll match you with a nice granny.

4. Visit a museum

Oh, the perks of living in the digital age. It’s now possible to visit some of the world’s most famous museums online. Will you be visiting The Louvre in Paris or the National Museum of the United States Air Force? Off you go (and donate afterward).

5. Crowdfund a better world

Although our entire team is working from home, our crowdfunding platform is still up and running! Check out our new projects! By investing in people and businesses, you’ll fight poverty across the world. Make money, make impact!

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