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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

Travel Report: Lynn Visits Entrepreneurs in Tonga While Sailing

Written by Lynn Van Den Broeck on 30 January 2024

After arriving in Tonga by sailboat, Lynn joined SPBD Tonga for a day to meet some local entrepreneurs. She documented the stories of four women who received a micro-loan for their businesses.

funding gap emerging markets

A Day In The Life - Kenya: Are These Everyday Businesses Benefitting From Microfinancing?

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Charity Nyawira on 25 October 2023

Join our Kenyan writer Charity, as she takes us through her typical day in Nairobi. Charity introduces us to the small entrepreneurs she regularly visits. However, this time, she goes beyond experiencing their services. Charity asks them about their experiences as entrepreneurs - uncovering their challenges, and successes, and exploring their financing needs and possibilities.

funding gap emerging markets

Travel Report: Our colleague Jorge’s visit to Mongolia

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Jorge Vilar on 26 September 2023

Ever had the desire to visit the entrepreneurs you invest in? So did our colleague Jorge! He had the opportunity to visit microfinance institution InvesCore during a trip to Mongolia with our Investments Team.

funding gap emerging markets

KORI: How access to financing is a challenge for Peruvian women

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Antón Jáuregui on 11 January 2023

4 out of 10 companies in Peru have a woman in charge. Yet, as in many other emerging countries, getting access to financing is more difficult for women than their fellow male entrepreneurs. Local borrower KORI helps women tackle this challenge.

funding gap emerging markets

On the Road with Creze in Mexico City

funding gap emerging marketsStoriesWritten by Lynn Hamerlinck on 15 August 2022

Entrepreneurs Dinora and Eduardo are both clients from Creze, a financial institution in Mexico. We recently had the chance to meet them and learn how Creze has helped them grow their business.

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