Impact+ investments

Direct investing in local partners with a fixed maturity against an interest rate of 3-5%.

Lendahand has introduced a new product in 2017: Impact+ Investments. With this, it has become very easy and transparant for wealthy individuals, foundations and funds to invest online and create impact. Now, you can contribute directly to a better world and earn a fair return on your investment. You can choose between diverse, carefully selected local partners in emerging countries, who in their turn provide loans to entrepreneurs. Interest is on average 4% anually on a 24 months investment. Impact+ investments is especially suitable for investments starting at EUR 100,000

How it works

You can easily put together a spread portfolio: online, by telephone or personally. Lendahand will put the orders at the selected partners on your behalf. These partners will accept and the transaction can be completed. After every investment you will receive an overview with all details and a report each quarter. On your personal corner on the Lendahand website, you can find all information you need.

The benefits of Lendahand

Local partners

BorrowerCountryPartner sinceportfolioPAR 90*% write-off
LulalendSouth Africa 1 June 2018€2,107,1692.90%8.80%
Golomt BankMongolia30 October 2017€1,596,130,0000.95%2.86%
Opportunity BankUganda 1 August 2017€23,936,5332.78%2.72%
Nusa MakmurIndonesia 1 July 2017€1,996,6674.60%0.13%
CrystalGeorgia 1 May 2017€83,016,6500.78%1.53%
FinancialAccessKenya 1 February 2017€3,104,9783.55%0.00%
UmatiKenya 1 October 2016€649,0927.18%14.99%
MilaapIndia 1 September 2016€509,362,7001.40%0.00%
BNFKenya 1 May 2016€355,1720.00%0.00%
KreditCambodia 1 April 2016€184,882,6790.88%0.35%
MAXIMACambodia 1 March 2016€14,574,0820.74%0.12%
Agora MicrofinanceZambia 1 October 2015€2,913,0690.87%0.11%
Vision FundMongolia 1 July 2015€6,274,2291.86%2.40%
ABii NationalGhana 1 December 2014€26,688,0684.00%0.00%
Eclof ColombiaColombia 1 November 2013€3,037,3690.87%0.33%
NPFCPhilippines 1 March 2013€5,181,55519.90%14.20%

* PAR 90 (portfolio at risk): the part of the total investmentportfolio of which at least one payment is 90 days overdue.

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