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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

30 Days of Auto-Invest: These Are the Results

Written by Arno Hoogenhuizen on 23 May 2024

One month after launching Auto-Invest, it's time for a first assessment of our newest functionality. Read more about the results here.

funding gap emerging markets

Celebrating Together: A Global Holiday Journey

funding gap emerging marketsInvestingWritten by Chiara Capodacqua on 20 December 2023

It's the season to celebrate, and and we invite you on a worldwide adventure exploring Christmas traditions. Explore how entrepreneurs you've supported commemorate the holiday in different corners of the world.

funding gap emerging markets

Uplifting Rural Uzbekistan: The Role of Renesans Microfinance

funding gap emerging marketsInvestingWritten by Chiara Capodacqua on 6 December 2023

Did you know that MFIs play a key role in Uzbekistan? Thanks to Renesans, many entrepreneurs are improving their lifestyle and expanding their businesses through transformative solutions that overcome the obstacles posed by lack of access to banking services.

funding gap emerging markets

3 Transformative Types of Microfinancing in Africa

funding gap emerging marketsInvestingWritten by Charity Nyawira on 22 November 2023

Embark on a compelling narrative journey into the realm of Microfinance in Africa, guided by our writer hailing from the heart of Kenya, Charity. In this article she unveils the vital significance of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) within the continent's landscape.

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