The Lendahand Team

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Professional and socially engaged… These are the words we use to describe ourselves at Lendahand. We are a diverse team with experience in business, banking, consulting and working in the non-profit sector. Please allow us to introduce ourselves!

Management Team

Our Management consists of three executives who are responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and day to day operations of the company. Our CEO & COO are also both Co-founders who have been with Lendahand since the beginning. Their experience spans across Banking, Corporate Finance, and International Aid & Development, allowing us to be a social enterprise that puts impact first while still pursuing a sustainable and profitable business model.

Koen The

CEO & Co-founder

Peter Stolze

COO & Co-founder

Daniël van Maanen



Nancy Kariuki

Sr. Investment Manager

Adriaan Schiphorst

Senior Data Officer

Matteo Gilardi

Investment Associate

Anshul Jindal

Head of Investments

Charles Te

Investment Manager

Olivier Dubarry

Country Manager France

Clarisse Grosset

Multi-Media Designer

Antón Jáuregui

Country Manager Spain

Carolina Arriaga

Marketing Coordinator France

Ingrid Murariu

Junior Legal Officer

Jan Metten Van der Meer

Sr. Software Engineer

Lynn Hamerlinck

Content Marketing Specialist

Steven Kemp

Senior Developer

Manan Modi

Investment Manager

Willianne van der Weijde

Legal & Compliance Officer

Jorge Vilar

Operations & Knowledge Management

Timo Bleeker

Head of Development

Luminita Marin

Sr. Legal Counsel

Lily Zhou

Head of Marketing

Judith Mathijssen

Impact Manager

John Vermeulen

Jr. Developer

Lera Ilginisova

Investments Operations Officer

Isabella Kecht

People and Culture Manager

Vinicius Manjabosco

Data Engineer & Data Analyst