The Lendahand Team

Professional and socially engaged… These are the words we use to describe ourselves at Lendahand. We are a diverse team with experience in business, banking, consulting and working in the non-profit sector. Please allow us to introdcue ourselves!

Koen The

CEO & Co-founder

Judith Mathijssen

Impact Manager

Peter Heijen

Business Development & Founder

Hans Kramer

PR Manager

Vinicus Manjabosco

Full Stack Developer

Daniël van Maanen


Eke Leertouwer

Office Manager & Customer Support

Dinand Mentink

Senior Frontend Developer

Jorge Vilar

Catalyst and Knowledge Management

Lily Zhou

Growth Strategist

Michelle Heah

Investment Manager

Lucas Weaver

Head of Growth

Peter Stolze

COO & Co-founder

Thomas Plaatsman

Investment Manager

Melissa Nightingale

Legal Creative

Richard Baptist

Senior Backend Developer

Tobias Grinwis

Head of Investments