Loan portfolio

Here is an overview of Lendahand’s investment portfolio as of 31 August 2020. The figures below reflect investments via local partners, direct investments and co-financing. This page is updated automatically every month.

Outstanding investments

Absolute numbers (€)As % of total investments
  • Total investments
  • via
  • via
  • €82,058,700
  • €64,208,700
  • €17,850,000
  • 100.00%
  • Minus total repaid
  • via
  • via
  • €48,952,246
  • €41,602,246
  • €7,350,000
  • 59.66%
  • Minus charged/defaults*
  • via
  • via
  • €1,539,588
  • €1,469,588
  • €70,000
  • 1.88%
To be repaid€31,566,86538.47%

Outstanding investments by counterparty

CounterpartyCountryOutstanding notional
LulalendSouth Africa€2,167,425
REDAVIA GmbHGhana€1,465,706
Golomt BankMongolia€1,458,364
Phillip Bank Cambodia€931,858
EFC UgandaUganda€921,429
candi solar AGIndia€727,500
SolarWorks! Mozambique€701,885
Opportunity BankUganda€632,100
Spartan Impact FinanceSouth Africa€555,000
ECS ZambiaZambia€425,000
MDF West Africa Ghana€150,000
Eclof ColombiaColombia€101,252
First Finance Cambodia€100,000
Vision Fund MongoliaMongolia€1,000


 Absolute numbers (€)As % van total outstanding
Total outstanding€31,566,865100.00%
No delay ***€27,593,77087.41%
  • €3,973,094
  • €32,044
  • €2,092,125
  • €210,000
  • €963,925
  • €100,000
  • €150,000
  • €425,000
  • 12.59%
  • 0.10%
  • 6.63%
  • 0.67%
  • 3.05%
  • 0.32%
  • 0.48%
  • 1.35%


Average interest rate received from lenders anually.7.45%
Minus defaults1.88%
Minus costs0.00%
Minus average margin Lendahand2.91%
Average net interest for investors anually2.67%

Other statistics

First investment 5 March 2013
Total number of investments147,822
Total number of projects offered2,838
Total number of projects financed2,756
Total repaid interest€2,370,327

* The total amount of write-offs (also: 'defaults') are the amounts for which it is reasonable to expect that they will not be repaid to the investors. A partial write-off is also possible if there has been a partial repayment. A bankruptcy does not necessarily mean a write-off when it is still reasonable to expect that the loan can be repaid through foreclosure. (A bankruptcy is a write-off if no repayment can be expected)

** Arrears of >45, >90 or >180 days refer to the sum of all outstanding repayments for loans whereby the borrower is at least 45, 90 or 180 days behind on repayment with respect to the agreed repayment date. (source: Branchvereniging Crowdfunding Nederland)

*** Including delays up to 45 days

Lendahand is committed to a transparent crowdfunding market. That is why we made a commitment to the Branchevereniging Nederland Crowdfunding on displaying the status of financing on our platform. Please note that the crowdfunding market is relatively new and evolving. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.