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Lendahand is proud of the following awards and features


DFT Financial product of the year 2015
Winner Best Crowdfunding Platform IEX Golden Bull 2018
Winner Best Crowdfunding Platform IEX Golden Bull 2019
Best Choice Crowdfunding Platform IEX Golden Bull 2020
Winner Best Crowdfunding Platform IEX Golden Bull 2021

Featured in media

How your money can do good

Eva on the different ways how to invest with social and sustainable impact.

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Help yourself, help emerging markets with targeted capital injections.

CEO Koen The on how regular Joe's like you and me can step up, now governments are busy helping themselves instead of looking at other parts of the world.

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The rise of crowdfunding as an investment opportunity

Nieuwsuur zooms in on the gaining popularity of crowdfunding in the Netherlands

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Why you should start investing in developing countries

Our founder Peter Heijen is the weekly host in the podcast of de Ondernemer

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Lendahand attracting more and more investors in Belgium

Our CEO Koen The explaining why Lendahand is getting more populair in Belgium

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In Bangladesh the idealist in me came back

Peter Heijen about why he started Lendahand

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How Lendahand fights poverty through capitalism

Old banker Peter Heijen explaining how job creation in emerging markets eliminates poverty

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Don't donate but invest, crowdfunding as an alternative for development aid

Development aid organisation ICCO and Lendahand combining forces with a strategical partnership

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