Mission and vision


Creating new jobs for companies in emerging countries and enabling people there to improve their access to basic needs. This way we want to alleviate poverty.

Lendahand is an online impact investing platform where socially conscious investors can invest in entrepreneurs and sustainable initiatives in emerging countries.


‘Sustainable change in emerging countries can be realised when social impact and financial returns are combined’.

Our dream

No more poverty in the entire world (in which case Lendahand will not exist anymore).

Succes formula

Lendahand will launch new propositions structurally for which the central theme is lowering the interest entrepreneurs have to pay.

It is our ambition to become a wordlwide player (global-for-global): people from all over the world can lend each other their money against a fair and transparant interest rate.

Goals 2020

Interested in our progress? Check our impact page.