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KSPPS Wijaya Kesuma

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  • With a loan of EUR 95,050 Wijaya Kesuma Kotagajah can help more small businesses and farmers on Sumatra.

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    Maturity12 months
    Repayments6 months
      Fully funded in 14 days on 13 December 2017.
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      Kota Gajah is a township in South Sumatra largely populated by Javanese who migrated to the then remote region in 1974. These hardy people, in the service of national policies, have built up an entire community, an entire local economy and their own lives and bestowed upon their children a thriving society in Central Lampung.

      While the economic activities and produce are fairly typical for the inland regions, comprising vegetables and fruits farming and small trading, the local people are particularly hardy, industrious and enterprising, perhaps as a result of their recent emigrant culture. They have also been able to produce exportable commodities such as coffee, and have learnt to aggregate their own meagre efforts by organising around local cooperatives such as Wijaya Kesuma Kota Gajah.

      Nevertheless, credit officers are not impressed by enterprising hardiness and they experienced the usual difficulties in securing conventional working capital. On March 3rd 2007 Wijaya Kesuma Kotagajah Savings and Loans Cooperative was officially established with Supriyanto as the Founding Managing Director. He grew the cooperative to 6 offices in Lampung province, total asset of Rp 22.2 billion and revenue of Rp 4.2 billion (as of September 2017). He now hopes that others will support him in supporting this tough community in the continuing development of his corner of rural Indonesia.

      Nusa Makmur has supported Wijaya Kesuma Kotagajah since 13 Juni 2016, together funding 322 small businesses and farmers. One such beneficiary is Sukarman, who now runs a vegetable and fruits plantations with monthly turnover of Rp 365 million, after getting his start with the first loan of Rp 120 million in 2012.

      In Nusa Makmur’s experience with Wijaya Kesuma loan repayments are always on-time and quarterly Financial Reports are regularly submitted to Nusa Makmur. 

      Local partner Nusa Makmur provides this loan with a maturity of 12 months.

      Company nameKSPPS Wijaya Kesuma
      CEOAgus Kholiq Rohmanto
      LocationLampung Tengah
      SectorFinancial services


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      • With this investment 2 jobs are created
      • With this investment 8 people are reached

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