The Lendahand Team

Professional and socially engaged… These are the words we use to describe ourselves at Lendahand. We are a diverse team with experience in business, banking, consulting and working in the non-profit sector. Please allow us to introduce ourselves!

Lucas Weaver

Head of Growth

Vinicius Manjabosco

Full Stack Developer

Clarisse Grosset

Growth Designer

Lynn Hamerlinck

Thomas Plaatsman

Investment Manager

Lily Zhou

Growth Strategist

Daniël van Maanen


Koen The

CEO & Co-founder

Tobias Grinwis

Head of Investments

Eke Leertouwer

Office Manager & Customer Support

Melissa Nightingale

Legal Creative

Jorge Vilar

Catalyst and Knowledge Management

Michelle Heah

Investment Manager

Pietro Galardi

Judith Mathijssen

Impact Manager

Femke Rutgers

Peter Stolze

COO & Co-founder

Adriaan Schiphorst